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Trevor Day

Trevor Day‘s narrative unfolds in the charming town of Lebanon, Ohio, where his early years were beautifully woven with the threads of baseball and deep family connections. Raised in a close community, Trevor’s childhood was a rich tapestry of sports events and precious family moments, instilling a profound sense of belonging and interconnectedness, principles that would later sculpt his life’s trajectory.

As a youngster, Trevor’s life orbited around sports and kin. He dedicated countless hours to baseball and football, juggling his time between athletic fields, familial celebrations, and academic pursuits. His father, a beacon of motivation and direction, significantly influenced Trevor’s aspirations and ethical bearings.
In his formative years, Trevor harbored a simple yet profound desire to mirror his father. This aspiration evolved into a vision of establishing a restaurant, spurred by his affinity for the TV series “Cheers.” His school days were a harmonious mixture of enjoyment and learning, with mentors like his PE teacher and baseball coach, Mr. Miller, leaving a lasting impact.

Trevor’s Ohio upbringing taught him an essential lesson: the universal essence of human connection, transcending geographical divides. The family customs he cherished, including communal meals and grand festive gatherings, became integral to his identity.

Trevor eventually moved to Georgetown, South Carolina, to seek a more serene lifestyle and fresh prospects. He quickly adapted to Georgetown’s inviting atmosphere, immersing himself in its community spirit. Drawing inspiration from his parents, he delved into the culinary world, embarking on his food-oriented odyssey.

Trevor’s first entrepreneurial venture was in lawn care, not culinary. When he inaugurated his inaugural restaurant, he confronted the challenge of constant presence, largely due to staffing hurdles. His restaurant’s concept was anchored in exceptional local fare, harmonizing a delightful ambiance with top-notch cuisine.

In his establishments, Trevor’s Ohio roots shine through. A fervent Ohio State supporter, his establishments often broadcast college football. What is the most pivotal lesson he learned in the restaurant industry? The significance of appreciating and valuing an extraordinary team. He champions a blend of traditional and modern culinary methods, motivating his staff to be innovative.

Trevor Day’s journey from a quaint Ohio village to becoming a distinguished Georgetown restaurant is a saga of enduring principles, devotion to community, and zeal for remarkable food. His tale is a tribute to the power of humble beginnings and the relentless chase of aspirations.

In the most recent chapter of his story, Trevor is on the brink of launching the Winyah Bay Brewing Company in Georgetown. Set to open in the spring of 2024, this new endeavor marks the culmination of Trevor’s lifelong dedication to the community and his blossoming passion for the culinary and brewing arts. With the Winyah Bay Brewing Company, Trevor aspires to craft a venue where locals and visitors can savor the blend of inventive brewing methods and classic tastes, all while fostering the community camaraderie that has been a pillar of his life’s narrative.